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As a Therapist and Mum of 2 boys, I am deeply passionate about the benefits of supporting the emotional health and well-being of children – I feel it is so important, particularly in this day and age that children are welcomed to explore their thoughts and feelings and that we as adults guiding them can provide them with the tools and support to be able to do this. I feel developments in emotional well-being for all is growing rapidly and I fully support this – making emotions ‘normal’ and a part of everyday life and learning is vital for helping our children to grow up understanding that emotions are a natural part of our life experience, we all have them, we all feel them and we all struggle with them too sometimes and all of this is ok. I would love for nothing more than emotional health and well-being to be a subject area in itself at School and home and this is why I have developed this download area;  This is where you will have access to your own tool box of emotional health resources – they are therapeutically informed and creative – this fits with the way that children learn and process their feelings. Children learn through play and creativity, this is their natural language – so let’s meet them here to help them to learn, understand and work through some of their feelings and thoughts! 

I have developed these resources based on years of experience of working as a Therapist with children and so they have been created with a therapeutic mindset – they are early intervention tools to help children to develop emotional language skills, emotional identity (looking deeper within to understand themselves), emotional intelligence, resilience, play, fun and connection – to themselves and others. It’s about helping children to develop a healthier emotional mindset and deeper emotional connection to themselves so that they can hopefully develop stronger emotional connections and understanding to others too.
These tools have been designed for you to try out first too – as a way of helping you to understand exactly what you are offering your children or those you work with and also as an added benefit of further developing your own emotional awareness along with offering ways to connect emotionally to your children or those you work with through fun, creative and playful approaches – which in itself, I think is a bonus as it helps deeper relational connections and trust! 
By joining this group, you will be joining a community of like-minded people all with the emotional well-being of children at our hearts!
I can’t wait to be a part of this journey with you! 
Frances x

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